Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Another day of significance with planets aligned strategically and incomprehensibly passes around and through us. This was the day when Mercury, Venus and Saturn would stand directly over the three pyramids at Giza.

            Instead of being energized, however, I feel eclipsed, my brain so dense and full of mush, I crashed comatose on my couch at 8 PM. Curiously, dreams long unremembered are suddenly so vivid and intense, I seem to be awake in my sleep.
            This morning I am unable to concentrate and unwilling to go about my business as usual.
            In the past, we might categorize this as a bad hair day or take a pill to alleviate flu-like lethargy.  By sleeping it off, we can shrug it off without connection.
            I am guessing, though, that others feel this tug.  If the gravitational pull of the moon can affect our oceanic tides, then why not the alignment of planets magnetize the flow of our blood?
            Now we have the will, the awareness and the tools to compare our experiences around the world.  We can recognize patterns and establish connections.
            As I struggle this morning to go about my usual business, intuition directs me to focus on the heavy-headedness in my brain.  Instead of fighting "through" it, embrace it.  Without plan, I sit down and meditate.  My eyes close and my mantra steadies my breath.
            Illumination and clarity are nearly immediate.  All worry dissipates.  My list of "shoulds" vanishes.
            In place of confusion glows a perfect knowing that this moment is precious and as it should be.  I am where I am supposed to be: here and now.  It feels right to sit quietly, to notice the calmer energy and connect with my soul which races outwards into the Universe and hovers over the pyramids, my imagination, over myself and over all others, an enfolding and embracing of life and living ecstatic and fulfilled, all encompassing and re-energizing.

            As quickly as it started, I am back in my body, ready to make that call and go about my day.  With these few words scribbled, I anchor the moment in the heart and re-establish the connection with all around me.
            Even as I go out into a cold rain and miserable temperature, it feels glorious to be alive.
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