Saturday, November 24, 2012

Round and Rounder

This is a weekend of gratitude. 

            Thanksgiving is perhaps the most American tradition, crossing all boundaries of religion, ethnicity and politics.  For this one day after the elections and before the shopping intensity, as a nation, we pause to bless, love and appreciate.
            Beyond the feast and companionship, my favorite part is to walk outside in the late afternoon and hear in the silence the splendid noise of peace and contentment, knowing all are participating in that moment of tradition.  No matter where they are, everyone seems to accept and rejoice that they are at least where (and with whom) they are supposed to be.
            Life stops even as we recognize and celebrate how beautifully it goes on and on.
            In the meantime, Mercury is retrograde, meaning even as it goes forward, it is in a position of appearing to go backwards, a phenomenon that happens typically for six weeks three times a year.

            Having scoffed in my youth at the idea that bad luck could have any connection to the stars, I have seen too many alignments over the years to ignore my internal calendar now.  It intrigues me how often I can be struggling, check the chart and confirm that indeed the wily planet is retrograde again.
            Most often it disturbs communication.  This week my email crashed and I have been misunderstanding conversations that should have been very simple.  It is a time to be careful our reactions are not overly dramatic, burning bridges that might be better left standing.
            For me, the energy that drives my creativity lacks its usual luster.  I stumble indecisively and wrestle with false starts seeming to head down paths leading nowhere.  Inspiration quickly fizzles or never appears as I ponder projects and turn to something else.
            Like trying to walk in mud above my knees, the effort to move forward feels too heavy a step.  I strain against it and pause with heavy breath, wondering where the abundance lies that so many promise is simply a function of my thoughts.
            Shadows dance.  The laughter of many gremlins grown strong from my past foibles shriek instructions to step left or right, confusing my internal faith with the doubt and fear of so many implications.  The mud is real and so difficult to wash away with thoughts of gratitude when I have chosen to spend this time alone and still miss my friends and family.
            Fortunately all cycles move into new phases and by Monday, Mercury will go blessedly direct again (not that it ever was going any other direction than forward).  My mind will miraculously clear in the midst of productive activity. 

            I am no less thankful for these quiet weeks of emotional frustration.  Pain makes us question our choices and resolve to make amends.  Rather than wallow in the mire, I observe and accept the connection, reducing its fury even as I acknowledge the influence.  I forgive myself for my swollen brain, too obese with thoughts for any clarity.  I learn lessons in my discomfort and rejoice that light in the distance begins to illuminate and dissipate the shadows at my sluggish feet.
            As it quickly approaches, more and more people are focusing on the date of December 21, 2012 with curiosity and conviction as a time of major shift.  It takes very little research to discover that the stars and planets in our galaxy actually are conjoining into a significant and unusual pattern and we are at the beginning of new 6,500 and 26,000 year cycles in our solar system.
            Doomsdayers predict an end to the world.  Luminaries and Seekers believe we are entering an age of more heart-centered communion compared to 6,500 years of struggle for survival and the false belief that material wealth might ensure that survival.
            Our thoughts can create the reality we fear or embrace.  The choice is ours to live in panic and reaction or to love our surroundings, each other and ourselves. 
            Interesting times...
            How clear is your head today?
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