Sunday, December 16, 2012

Guns Don't Matter

Events on Friday in Newton, Ct are a horrific reminder that tragedies do not take holidays into consideration.
            In comparison to tsunamis, hurricanes, spreading cancers and climate change, the death toll is relatively small, but being man-made and with victims so innocent, we struggle to understand the terrifying implications.  We seek relief in arguments for gun-control and advocacy for mental health care as if these might absolve us from looking at the larger issue of violence in our stressful society.

            Coinciding with the near end of the Mayan Calendar, this with other world events proves to be some reasonable argument that the world is ending too.
            But I don't believe it for an instant.
            The end of this world as we know it might be a good thing. Some things should definitely be dispatched. This good Earth is strong and I believe we shall muddle along for eons.  Books like Hank Wesselman's "Spiritwalker." suggest life might be very primitive once again at the end of the next 6,500 year cycle and still we will love and dance, eat heartily and wonder at the stars beyond.
            There are those who predict we will merge with the stars, our astral travelling souls will blend with the Universal energy that makes us all One.  We might discover the Internet is merely a tool to teach us to communicate telepathically.
            The particular deaths on Friday are tragic and senseless, painful to contemplate.  As sad as I am, however, keeping prayers in my heart, I wish to celebrate the heroics of the moment and grow frustrated with the impossible and unrelenting speculation and probing as to why.
            Beyond comprehension, we must accept there is purpose in everything, even in this.  Hold faith that we can do our part to make the next moments better.  We must put one foot before the other, tending to the wounded in Newton, cleaning up the messes along the Mid-Atlantic Coast, rebuilding Japan and ending wars in Afgahnistan and the Middle East.
           Feeling love and being loved, I find there is so much to live for.  Not richer nor poorer, I am grateful for my health and well-being.  I grieve for the pain of these tragedies and welcome the celebration that still resonates in my heart for just being alive.

            "Love is all we need," sang John Lennon.
            Love is the best we have to give.
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