Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In Love

We're down to just a matter of days now before the acclaimed date of December 21, 2012.  Already, as I write this in most parts of the world, it is the symmetrical and picture perfect 12-12-12.

            Easy to think that this will be just another day and notice we're all in the holiday spirit with little regard for the End of the World as heralded by the end of the Mayan calendar.
     Yet from all types of people and on many channels of media, I hear comments, wry jokes, dire predictions and surreptitious musings.  Many in my realm meditate in preparation, cleansing souls to purify the energy.

            The stock market was up a few points today.  People died in conflict around the world.  Babies were born and each of us must make the decisions about how we face the dawn.
            Like any other day, the consequences of our actions will be direct results of our thoughts, intentions and interactions.  We are in control more than many of us believe.  We create our own destinies.
            For those who scoff and say life will go on, of course it will.  Those who think of apocalypse may likely find a way to destroy their own and possibly other lives.
            Many of us are taking notice and deciding that we can make small differences that add up to an enormous change.  As the Berlin Wall peacefully collapsed when we were ready, toppled by mutual consent, the boundaries between cultures are evaporating and we are becoming One.

            Despite angry headlines, the majority of us live in peace, rely on our families and neighbors, and are kind to strangers.  We strive to better our lives and raise our arms to embrace.
            We believe in there being a higher purpose and a spirit that gives meaning to our lives.  We look forward with hope and behind with gratitude.
            Despite our daily struggles, the world is a wonderful place and feeling love is a warm fire in the heart that makes us sing with joy.
            If my world should end next week...or tomorrow...or fifty years from now, I will still have regrets for things I already cannot undo, but I move forward each step each day as best I can to be fearless, valiant and vulnerable.  I strive to listen to my heart and give without need of reciprocation, to love without question and appreciate gifts in whatever form.
            So many are opening hearts, love can carry us ever forward.
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