Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Perpetual Motion

Around the excitement for the Inauguration next week, A burst of hope and optimism has inspired a new song to come out into the light of day.

Perpetual Motion

Climb any mountain
Look down from above
All looks peaceful and serene
But down in the valleys
It’s all push and shove
Actions brave and false, and mostly in between
All together it flows
As down the river we go
Perpetual Motion in the Ocean of Life

Water Breaks
On the long rocky shore
Grinds stones to sand upon the beach
Storms blow waves
Sailors pray no more
Dry land seems so far out of reach
But the sunshine returns
The flooding tide turns
Perpetual motion in the ocean of life

How many generations will it take to learn this song,
How many fights to make the Peace?
Leaders come and go
Some are right and some so very wrong
And some sing sweet lullabies of release

The wind blows strong
Rain waters the seeds
Life goes on its merry way
Give as much as we might
A loving heart still bleeds
And we live on to love another day
The seeds we sow
Take hold and grow
Perpetual motion in the ocean of life

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Hayden Tompkins said...

You're music makes me all nostalgic and happy. I like this song!

Writer Dad said...

Awesome, Kip. My song at it's best, will probably only stand at the base of yours. Really good. My favorite line was "Dry land seems so far out of reach." Forgive me if I'm paraphrasing. I've felt that before and I felt it in your music. Thanks.