Friday, November 21, 2008

Peace in Rest

Last night I rested.

I saw my blog hits were way below even my usual modest number, and recognizing it coincides directly to the regularity of postings, I knew an entry was overdue. The pressure mounted to prove how well I could perform against a deadline, but struggling on the first paragraph, I dropped my pen and rested.

In the process of revitalizing my 20 old songs, I have purchased this wonderful combination of hardware and software that lets me record them in the comfort of my own home. Surrounded by my books on shelves, boxes still to be unpacked, unmade bed and dirty dishes, I can lay down multi-guitars, play piano, and sing background vocals to myself (Broken Mirrors). This process has been consumming hours of my time, a way to hear ideas and variations until I find real musicians to spice it up.

I looked at all that inviting possibility, but left the songs quiet, and rested instead.

Short story plots, query letters, and revised essays need to be written, packaged and mailed out. My new partnership in medical writing must be further explored. The books on the table beckon to be opened.

But last night I rested.

Around my half-renovated apartment, so much needs to be completed. A sketch is required in preparation of tiling the shower this weekend. The kitchen counter is still plywood, drawers must be built and walls painted. Recycled bindings must be mounted to other skis because the snow is falling and Sugarbush opens tomorrow.

Is it any wonder, with all the excitement abounding, I could not choose except to uncharacteristically shove it all aside, relax and rest?

This week, winter takes its first real bite on our fingers and toes. The slight breeze turns mild temperatures bitter for those of us bundled and working outside. I spent the day braced against the cold, calculating rafter lengths and angles mathematically with frozen-slogged mind, and called directions with stiff cheeks slurring words.

Today will be the same, so last night I rested.

Out for music and friendship most nights lately, last night I knew I had to settle in. What lovely peace was felt with ornately soft jazz cooking on the stereo as I melted cheese and tuna on the stove. Forcing myself simply to sit at the table, a place setting for one, I listened, ate, pondered, and…rested.

Having done so last night, a better entry for the blog is written this morning.

Rest well, when you have the chance; the sunlight will always return.

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Hayden Tompkins said...

Kip, I hope you're enjoying your time in the man cave!

Laurie said...

Doesn't the return of the sunlight bring new hope? What a beautiful image you have created Kip. As always, you have painted such beauty with your words.

I love your sink. It wreaks of "y" chromosome influence.