Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Leaky Pipes

If anyone had told me they would still be plumbing tonight (Tuesday) the little hole in the pipe I set out to fix on Saturday, I would call them a lousy plumber. Not exactly a plumber myself, I have sweated a lot of pipes in my life, and this little repair to my heat should not have taken very long.

Never mind, the tiny leak (a result of a careless moment laying floors) is between floors, making me constantly go up and down via the outside. Disregarding that it is in a far corner, over the abandoned oil tank and obstructed by old bike carcasses. Excuse the several other pipes in the way; it should not have taken four days and six trips to the hardware store.

Still, I am without heat, and though it is not the dead of winter, it is Vermont, and it is cold in my home tonight (very cold this morning).

Patience is a concept that constantly challenges me. For whatever lack of skill, twist of fate, combination of miscuts, faulty parts, and grains of dust in the joints, I have to delay yet another day the celebration of this handy job completed.

Since setting to the task of recording my music, I have decided to buy a new electric guitar to replace the gifted one that replaced the beauty I had sold years ago in crisis to pay the electric bill. Many are fondled and caressed, so tempting to put my money down and bring home, but I force myself to remember there is a looming list of higher priorities right now.

Likewise, I begin the search for compatible musicians to bring these songs alive. Over the weekend, I placed an ad on Craig’s List and at the local music store. I answered ads. I put my rough recordings Out There to lure talent to me.

But it is a long process, requiring much patience, fortitude and perseverance.

Beyond blog entries, I have stories, and even a novel, to write. Each morning, the desk with its laptop and yellow pads empty and waiting to be covered with ink lure me to stay, but I know I have to march out the door and down the road to complete this roof and raise the bank account. Duty screams while creativity beckons with such an alluring call. No matter how vivid my dreams, I need the money and must honor the contracts.

After years of distracted progress up one mountain, this year, I have dared to leap across to another, teetering on a precarious ledge, establishing a tentative foothold. So anxious to see the view, my heart wants to race forward up this new path, learn the outcome of these bold efforts I make today to further my writing and music.

But patience must be required and tolerated. The time must methodically be taken. Yet another piece of copper must be purchased, cleaned, fluxed and soldered into place--no step skipped over--to repair the leak and restore the heat.

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Laurie said...

Too bad you are all the way up in Vermont. First, it's so cold up there and second, My son is am extremely talented piano player looking to start a band and major in music business in college. So how about moving to TX? I can only imagine TX must be 1/100th the scenic inspiration of Vermont. SO why would you stay?

Just think of how much you're saving on utilities right? how's that for a re-frame? Hang in there. Time will pass whether you're patient or not so relax a bit and use your time to benefit your passion. Big hug to you!