Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dancing in the Rain

A year ago, I worried that I was way over the hill and would be unable to accomplish much at this later stage of life. Most artists and writers have done their best work by midlife and coast along, especially in this generation, on talk shows and tours, recycling their old thoughts. Even though I never expected to write a single song or sing a note even close to on-key at anytime in my life, as a kid with nothing to lose, I could let the sounds in my head flow, and delightfully discovered I enjoyed playing what came out.

It was an added bonus when others seemed to like the songs as well. I stood on stage to share the music with others, but mostly because I just adored the feeling of the notes amplified and turned back on me in the most gentle and exhilerating of embraces, being able to adjust and sharpen the sound with a little trill. I have been immensely flattered and moved whenever I got a request for a particular song.

One of the highest compliments came one day back in college when I was in the middle of the usual rush of traffic to the mailroom before lunch (this is before computers and email, you have to understand, when we lived for letters in the mailbox). I heard someone in front of me whistling a familiar tune and was astounded a few notes later to recognize that it was actually one of mine, living a life of its own out in somebody else's head!

If I didn't think it was such a miracle to be able to bring this music to the surface, I would feel compelled to craft and manipulate these songs, but as it is, I humbly accept that there is a power that seems to find voice through me, and I continue to do my best to stay out of the way and let them flow. That being said, I have been blessed with a new one, for someone special, which can be heard here.

We cannot control our own feelings, and it is certainly impossible to control what someone else might feel, but that we can feel at all is another miracle. It is wonderful to let go of fear, and risk to really feel whatever flows in and out of the heart, all the joys and pain, finding sunshine on rainy days.

Dancing in the Rain

I don’t know what you’re thinking
But I hear the words you say
They send my heart sinking
Like the sun at the end of the day
And I can’t say for sure if it will rise again
And I can’t say for sure if I can just be your friend

Well, I bargained for this lesson
When I dared to open my heart
Your smiles keep me guessing
Though you’ve been so very clear right from the start
Still I fell for that sweet look in your eye
And I can tell it’s worth any tears I might cry

And there’s no need to worry if my heart’s going to heal
We both know the sun always rises again
I could never regret learning just how good this can feel
To know the wonders of love you’ve got to risk a little pain
It’s like dancing, dancing in the rain

So let’s get on with the living
After we've shared this little cry
Life’s all about the giving
To find love in our heart we have to be willing to try
I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you this well
And I’m so glad, I feel like dancing
Feel like dancing, feel like dancing, dancing in the rain

I’m looking for sunshine, and I like dancing in this soft rain
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Anonymous said...

I loved listening to that song so much Kip... it's wonderful :-)