Thursday, March 26, 2009

Never Too Late

Each time a musical phrase inserts itself into my afternoon or evening of lingering practice, a butterfly of color flitting out of nowhere and persistently sticking around, I am amazed at the ease with which it develops into a new song. So definitely coming through me not from me, I stay open to the flow and just let it roll. The more I think, manipulate, try to make it better, the more I'm in the way of the process and it all slows down.

So I learn to trust myself. As I've reached this plateau of midlife, teetering towards the downhill slide, what an incredible delight it is to be inspiried to bring some new songs into the world. Just goes to show it's...

Some days are just so cloudy, I can't see two steps ahead
Life makes no sense at all, my heart's filled with dread
And I think there's nothing I can do about it, my back's against the wall
If this sounds at all familiar, then please join the call
It's never too late to sing a new song
It's never too late to right a wrong
It's never too late feed your soul
It's never too late to rock and roll
It's never too change your mind
It's never too late to come from behind
It's never too late to rise above
And it's never ever too late to choose Love
We are born with allthat we need to have a wonderful life
Heads held high and arms open wide
Free of all pain and strife
Somehow our thoughts get muddled, confused and full of fears
We so easily make foolish choices
And bring ourselves to tears
Take a good hard look at the road you've traveled so far
Are you pleased with who stands before you
Or do you wish upon a brighter star
If it all just suddenly ended, would you have any regrets
Has your life been fully blended, or do you just take the safest bets

I hope everyone can have as much fun as I am having today! Click here to hear the music.
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Laurie said...

Oh my....How awesome is this Kip? You stirred my heart with your beautiful song. Keep feeling the passion, my friend, and turning it into music!

Hayden Tompkins said...

Never to late to rock-n-roll!!!