Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Living Wake

As we all know, so much of the emotional work that I am doing during this transition in my life, so much that we all do in each of our lives, relates back to how we lived and learned and were supported in our "Families of Origin". I include this video, as a great example of how, in the end, the love that is given returns a thousandfold.

Here, we honor, despite all his quirks and foibles about expressing his love for his children

("Mom," I'd cry, "It hurts my hands so much when we play catch." "I understand, Sweetie," she'd explain, "He just wants you to know he loves you as hard as he can throw.") ,

a man who knows what matters most in the world.

My father is a hard act to follow.

It is only now that I begin to understand his greatest lesson is that you make your own path.

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Hayden Tompkins said...

You must be the guy to the immediate left of your father!

I thought the freckle story was just so sweet. And the fact that he memorized the eye chart so that he could go to war - that's AWESOME.

What an amazing thing you all did...